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DVD Bobby Jarzombek - Performance & Technique

Artikelnummer: MDA0100025

Unterricht bei Schlagzeuger von Rob Halford!

Ware vorrätig, und innerhalb von 2 Tagen versandfertig.
Performance & Technique features Jarzombek in action performing the frenzied "Peppered Cancer" and "School", as well as the Latin-flavored "So It Ain‘t!", highlighting Bobby‘s intricate double bass drum wizardry and his penchant for syncopated rhythms and odd-time signatures. Two extended drum solos and a "Live In Japan" on-stage blowout showcase Jarzombek‘s mastery of visual FX such as stick twirling, tosses, and backsticking, accompanied by a narrated in-depth demonstration. On the instructional side, an 11-step double bass drum workout delves into the how-to of taking two bass drum notes and applying them to sticking patterns to create a variety of rhythmic combinations for fills (soloing) and beats.

Bonus DVD footage offers a behind-the-scenes look at other related areas, including Selecting Cymbals At Paiste in Brea, CA (find out what Bobby looks for in a cymbal and watch him demonstrate some of his techniques when selecting a cymbal); recording drum tracks In The Studio (underscored by a quasi-director‘s cut commentary covering the whole recording spectrum, from producers, engineers, click tracks, and count-offs to equipment rentals); Soundchecking The Drumset prior to a live performance (Bobby discusses sound engineers and monitors and demonstrates the proper procedure for checking a kit). Extra visuals are provided via an extensive Photo Gallery featuring various live, studio, and promotional photos spanning the Riot, Halford, Spastic Ink, and PainmuseuM years.

DVD-Rom features include printable PDF transcriptions of the Double Drop exercises.

Laufzeit: ca. 2 Std
Sprache: englisch, Dolby Digital
Format: NTSC, Code free
Alfred Publishing
Bobby Jarzombek

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