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Gavin Harrison Rhythmic Perspectives, Buch mit CD

Artikelnummer: MNA0100017

Fortführung von Rhythmic Illusions: Rhythmische Verschiebungen, Übungen zu Polyrhythmik und Polymetrik, (und damit) Unabhängigkeit

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In many ways it carries on from where Rhythmic Illusions left off. There‘s more advanced concepts and ideas such as 2,3, & 4 - Dimensional perspectives. A chapter on Polyrhythmic Theory and a whole load of new Displacement concepts. I‘ve also included some ‘food for thought‘ discussions on Practising, the Psychology of Tempo & Clicks and Motivation. There is a 99 track Audio CD with this book which includes performances of many of the exercises and a couple of full length tunes with Gary Sanctuary

showing how some of the tools of Rhythmic Perspectives can be applied.


• Ostinato Illusion Exercises

• Polyrhythmic Theory

• 2 Dimensional Perspectives

• 3 Dimensional Perspectives

• 4 Dimensional Perspectives

• Start Displacements

• Rhythmic Fragmentation

• New Swing Illusions

• Rhythmic Fragmentation

• New Swing Illusions

• Modulating Inside Formulas and Spacings

• Master Exercises

Gavin Harrison
Alfred Publishing
Buch mit CD

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